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About Us

Welcome to ChillstepFM. We play a Non-Stop Chillstep Mix. 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week. Join us on our journey and experience something different. Our aim is to showcase both well-known and upcoming Chillstep producers. If you would like to submit a song to featured in our rotation please email: producers@chillstepfm.com

Starting Out (2015)

The site was first founded in 2015 by Ben Openshaw and was successful until sadly in late 2016 we had to close due to lack of funding. We had built a loyal listener base who we received countless messages off on our Social Media pages asking if we would ever return.

The Re-Launch (2018)

On the 23rd January 2018 we officially re-launched ChillstepFM and hope to grow like we did last time. We still don't play adverts as we feel it ruins the listener experience and would therefore appreciate any donations. Your donation goes 100% back into the website in order to pay server bills etc. Please let us know your Twitter so we can thank you!